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On the way to the modern Museum

2008 – 2015
  • contest
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Selected events

Associated Documents

The programs "Towards a Contemporary Museum" include lectures, discussions, documentaries about contemporary art and art management in the regions, as well as a competition of works.

"On the way to a modern museum" contributed to the development of the artistic life of Belarus, as well as uniting representatives of the art community and young people of various specialties around the urgent tasks that a modern museum of contemporary art needs to solve.

Through development and implementation in Belarus, it contributes to:
popularization of contemporary art in the Republic, the emergence of a new generation of curators and art journalists in Belarus, as well as the integration of contemporary Belarusian art into the European artistic context and the strengthening of contacts between representatives of the European and Belarusian art communities.


Contests and winners:

Program 2008

Competition for young curators The winner of the competition was the project of the exhibition "Seven Artists' Workshop", the concept of which was developed by EHU student Kristina Stashkevich.


Program 2010

Competition for young curators Oksana Zhgirovskaya (YSU) and Maria Marynich (YSU) became the winners of the competition.


Program 2011

I. The best portrait article about a Belarusian artist (volume from 6 to 12 thousand characters, an article can be written about any living artist). Winner: Vitaly Shchutsky (YSU).

II. The best analytical text about a specific work of a Belarusian artist (volume from 3 to 10 thousand characters). Winner: Vadim Dobrovolsky (YSU).

III. The best moderator of a creative meeting with Belarusian artists. Winner: Ilona Dergach (YSU).


Program 2013

I. Art manager competition. Winners: Elena Shtyk and the theater "Wings of a Serf" (Brest). Prizes were also awarded to: Elena Kazak (organizer of lectures in Bobruisk) and Sergey Gonchar (organizer of lectures in the Vileika Museum of Local Lore).

II. Competition for young curators First place awarded
Ilona Dergach and Vitaly Shchutsky, the curatorial duo of the Minsk (Re)construction exhibition. Shared second place
Natalia Hot as curator of the Becoming an Artist exhibition and Alexander Kudryashov as curator of the Manifesto in the Presence of the Spectator exhibition. The third place was taken by Alla Sharko, curator of the "Children's. Hidden" project.


Program 2014

The program shifted its focus from Minsk to Vitebsk and Brest.

I. Competition for young art-critic_yin and art-journalist_k. The competition was held in three nominations: "The best portrait article about an artist from the regions of Belarus", published in the Belarusian media. Oksana Kuzina won for an interview with Alexander Maley: "Alexander Maley's spatial vision of the world or how to go beyond Repin's realism" and Olga Bubich for an interview with Alexander Veledimovich: "Not to look for a new language, but to master our territory."

"The best published analytical article about an event in the regions related to contemporary Belarusian art." Olga Bubich won for the article "Gorad, dze B'york chuetstsa" pile "".

"The best published analytical article about an event in Minsk related to contemporary Belarusian art." The winners were Tatyana Artimovich for the article "REPLIKA: Belarusian art generation Z" and Aleksey Borisenok and Olga Sosnovskaya for the article " Material fatigue : the biopolitical dimension of the holiday".

II. Regional competition for young artists The group "Bergamot" won, Dmitry Buldakov, Dmitry Kolodich, Anastasia Gancharova, Oleg Musin, Vladimir Poznyak, Andrey Filipovich.

III. Regional competition of moderator_k of creative meetings. Winners Fedor Kolodich in Brest and Alena Fedotova in Vitebsk.

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