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September 27 – October 10, 2022
DOMIE, Poznan
  • group project
  • overseas event



Коаліція / Koalicja / Кааліцыя


Artists: antiwarcoalition.art, Kateryna Lysovenko, Aleksey Lunev, Martyna Miller, Ul Pazniak, Vlada Ralko, Sergey Shabohin, Katarzyna Wojtczak, Rafał Żarski

Curators: Martyna Miller, Sergey Shabohin, Katarzyna Wojtczak, Rafał Żarski

Production: Agata Kneć

Menager: Pavel Preobrazensky

Communication and media: Tomek Pawłowski-Jarmołajew

Assistance: Małgorzata Patalas

Organizers: DOMIE (social, artistic, architectural and economic experiment of collective care / Poznań), KALEKTAR.org (the Research Platform of the Belаrusian Contemporary Art / Belarus–Poznań), Rönne Stiftung (fundusz / Berlin)

Supported by German Federal Foreign Office, Civil Society Cooperation

Partners: Амбасада культуры, Stowarzyszenie Komplet, Zamek

  • -

  • The exhibition "Coalition", presents works by artists from Belarus, Poland and Ukraine, who critically reflect on the ideologies of authoritarian and imperial regimes, war aggressions, especially in the context of the current situation in Ukraine and Belarus.

    A special guest of the exhibition is the antiwarcoalition.com project, an international platform showcasing antiwar works by artists from around the world. The platform was created by Ambasada Kultury and art-workers from Belarus and Ukraine, who left their country between 1994 and 2021, due to the political regime. The antiwarcoalition.com project will feature a selection of films by Belarusian, Polish and Ukrainian authors. The idea of the platform aptly resonates with the solidarity goals of the exhibition - which we further emphasize in the exhibition title. 

    The second part of the exhibition, presents the works of the artists and curators of the DOMIE space (Martyna Miller, Katarzyna Wojtczak, Rafał Żarski) and the KALEKTAR platform (Sergey Shabohin), who invited four Belarusian and Ukrainian artists. These are Kateryna Lysovenko, Aleksey Lunev*, Uladzimir Pazniak and Vlada Ralko.

    The main task of the eponymous “Coalition” is to strengthen the initiatives of artists who express opposition to warfare in the world and the growing strength of patriarchal, authoritarian, imperialist and nationalist ideas. Another is the search for circulating universals - strategies of resistance to aggression, solidarity practices, attitudes of engagement, undertaken actions and thoughts and their accompanying emotions.

    This is the second exhibition of the Belarusian research platform KALEKTAR (operating in Poznań) in cooperation with the DOMIE space. The first exhibition - "ODKSZTAŁCANIE/ ДЭФАРМАЦЫЯ / UNLEARNING'' - was held in the fall of 2021 and was dedicated to progressive unlearning practices. 

    The current exhibition inaugurates a two-year project of artistic exchange between creative communities from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The project is scheduled for 2022-2023 and is being implemented by DOMIE in cooperation with the Roenne Stiftung Foundation and the Kalektar Platform under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Civil Society Cooperation. The main goals of the project are to strengthen democratic movements and build civil society through creative activities, as well as to directly support creative people from Belarus and Ukraine. 

    * Alexey Lunev is participating in the exhibition as part of a three-month residency organized by the KALEKTAR platform and the DOMIE space.