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Olga Bubich

  • photographer
  • essayist
  • teacher
  • curator
  • journalist
  • translator
Ольга Бубич / © фото: Андрей Дубинин, 2021

Editor's note: at the request of Olga Bubich, her profile is presented without feminitives.


Photographer, essayist, journalist, translator and teacher, curator of exhibitions. Engaged in photocriticism and review of photobooks. Member of the "Month of Photography in Minsk" team.

He defines his professional field as creating texts and images, teaching foreign languages and developing visual literacy . Her main area of interest is working in the field of developing visual literacy through the analysis and creation of photo books, which she reviews and collects.

She works in the field of criticism and analytics of modern Belarusian photography, acts as a curator of photo exhibitions, taught the course "Photography in visual research" at the Belarusian State University. Since 2014 he has been a member of the team of the festival "Month of Photography in Minsk".

She takes part in portfolio reviews of Belarusian and Russian photo festivals, and is a regular member of the jury of photo book contests (for example, Fotobookmarket Dummy Awards or the photo festival in Uglich). Provides consulting services regarding conceptual solutions for photobook layouts and project photography.

Teaches English and Italian. Reads a number of author's courses on photography in visual research.


Personal site:


automatic translation

Associated institutions

Associated Documents

She studied the theory and practice of photography at master classes with Andrey Dubinin (Belarus), Alexei Nikishin (Russia), Claudine Dory (France) and Javier Fernandez Fuentes (Spain/Netherlands).


Selected dates:

June 27, 1980

She was born in Minsk (BSSR, today the Republic of Belarus).


She graduated from the Minsk State Linguistic University, Faculty of English, specializing in foreign literature.

Since 2000s

Engaged in journalism: collaborates with Belarusian and foreign print and online publications. Creates interviews, analytical articles, essays and reviews of events in the art world, which were published in the magazines OnAir, "Big", "Sapiens", "I", Where Minsk and on the Internet resources of Journalby (more than 100 texts), pARTizan, Imbalance , tut.by, Kalidor, Colta, Bird in Flight, Photographer.ru, Bleek Magazine, City Dog, Znyata, Status Research Plalform, KALEKTAR, etc.

Since 2000

She is a volunteer of the BBOO "To the Future with Hope", accompanied a group of Chernobyl children to Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada for rehabilitation.


In a competition organized by the Italian Embassy in the Republic of Belarus, she won a scholarship to study in Italy, as a result of which she took a course at the University of Per Stranieri in Perugia (specialization - Italian language and culture).


He has a bachelor's and a master's degree (MGLU master's degree). Linguist by education, teacher of English and Italian language and literature. Preparing a PhD thesis in pedagogy.


She worked as a senior teacher of English at the Department of English and Speech Communication at the Belarusian State University. He is the author and co-author of English for Sociologists (2007), English for Psychologists (2013), 25 Days to a Better English Vocabulary (2008).


She held a personal exhibition "The City Inside" in the gallery "University of Culture" in Minsk. The photo project "City Inside" won 3rd place in the international festival ADNAK.


The Alter Locus series received a Special Mention in the Postulate 2012 competition.

"Anna's Dreams" was a finalist for the Icon Prize Gallery's cover design competition for Lane von Hertzen's book Unfastened Heart.


She taught an author's course on journalism in the Gambia (Africa), at the invitation of the Gambia Press Union.


As a result of the trip, she held a solo exhibition "Another Africa" in the Trotts space in Alfen aan den Rijn (Netherlands) and the Bagni Municipali space in Turin.

Also, the personal exhibition "20 Women" was held in the gallery "University of Culture" in Minsk.

The personal exhibition "The City Inside" was held at the Exit Museum in Odessa.

As an illustrator, she took part in the electronic publication of a collection of essays on the philosophy of food "(in) the food of the city" by the famous Belarusian writer Volga Gapeeva, creating a series of conceptual photographs.

Curated the collective photo exhibition "Animated" at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Minsk.

Since 2014

He is a member of the "Month of Photography in Minsk" team.


Review of Erik Stepanyan's photo book "Lucas" took third place in the contest "Reading a photo book" in St. Petersburg.

She held two solo exhibitions entitled "Somewhere and Here Again" at the Azgur Museum in Minsk and the "Circular Panorama" art space in Moscow.


The text about the phenomenon of Vitebsk photography was awarded the 1st prize in the nomination "review of a cultural event" in the competition "On the way to a modern museum".


She held a solo exhibition "More than Me" at Borgis in Gruleasco (Italy).

She won first place in the nomination "professional journalist" in the competition "Culture is important", organized and conducted by the "Culture and Creativity" Program and "Belarus Press Club".

Since 2016

Texts and photographs about new photobooks appear on the pages of the Russian site Photographer.ru, where she also writes the author's column "Tomorrow's Photo with Olga Bubich". And he talks about current photo projects on the pages of the Ukrainian resource Bird in Flight.


Co-editor of the Moscow-based online photography magazine Bleek Magazine.


A personal exhibition "More Than Me" was held at the festival "Month of Photography in Minsk" in "Canteen XYZ" in Minsk.


Curates Maxim Shved's personal photo exhibition Lisboa Glitch in the Book Room space in Minsk. Curates Anastasia Gaiduk's personal photo exhibition "Hibernation" in the Fotoskovt space in Minsk.


Collaborated as a translator with the resource EastEast.


Personal exhibition "The Art of (Not) Remembering" in Konstepidemin in Gothenburg (Sweden).



"Conversations about the rules of the game", publishing house "Logvinov", 2009.

"More Than Me", G&D, 2019.

"The Art of (Not) Remembering", "Nemakulature" publishing house, 2022.

automatic translation
  • curatorship
  • documentary
  • education system
  • history & art theory
  • journalism
  • lgbtq+ / queer optik
  • memories / remembrance
  • minsk
  • narrativeness
  • photographic practices