Ambasada Kultury

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Ambasada Kultury - is the initiative of Belarusian culture workers and activists. 

Here are our main focuses at the moment: 

Community. We support and develop connections within and outside  Belarusian cultural community, promoting cooperation and collaboration of artists and activists from different fields of culture. 

Fields and interconnections. We are open and seek to build new connections across different fields of culture, science and other disciplines. We believe in the power of interconnectedness and horizontal entanglement that brings synergies, insights and creates new experiences. 

Contemporary art and culture. Our passion and key interest, a way to reflect and analyze processes that are happening in nowadays Belarus and beyond, through artistic practices, research, exchange and implementation of artistic projects. 

We strive to be part of the global processes and community, an element of the pattern that spreads across knowledge fields, time, locations and experiences. We see ourselves as nomads, non-localized culture ambassadors that are radically open to the Other, unknown, and unexpected. 

Our contacts:

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