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A Forest Marathon / pARTisanka-Party

April 27, 2022
HAU, Берлин
  • overseas event

Selected Artwork Series

The main objective of a partisan is to physically keep its cultural code, the opportunity to expand its presence in the territory, as unstructured systems hasten the moment of mutual destruction.
A partisan strength is that it develops spaces that are inaccessible to a system. These spaces are areas of the irrational, to penetrate the system, which is not possible because of its location a priori in the field of rational discourse. However, a partisan can easily orientate in the maze of a system. Knowing its weaknesses, a partisan can cause painful shocks to a system. After that, they dissolve in a zone indistinguishable to a system. A partisan can be a nightmare for a system, a sublimation of its subconscious fears because fear appears when the reflection area ends and the zone unknown and unexplained begins.

From the manifesto of pARTisan, the magazine of Belarusian contemporary art, 2002

Tania Arcimovich, editor of “pARTisan”, invited artists from various disciplines from Belarus to HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Through interdisciplinary artworks, monologues, music sets, they will speak about love, fear, anxiety, fight and hope. In January 2021, the 35th issue of pARTisanka was published in cooperation with HAU.