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Pinchus Kremegne

  • artist
1890 – 1981

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor.

Flint brought together in his work the vibrant palette inherited from Van Gogh's paintings, the mastery of composition derived from Cezanne, and Soutine's expressionism stemming from his constant personal struggle between his own drama and the search for serenity. A music lover, Kremen claimed that he organized his paintings like a maestro of his orchestra. For him, each color is an instrument that plays its own score. Numerous Kremenya nudes are known for their powerful structure, while the landscapes are built like a "bouquet" of flowers.

The corporate collection of JSC "Belgazprombank" contains 9 paintings by the artist, all of which are included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus.

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Selected dates:

July 28, 1890

Born in the village of Zheludok, Lida district, Vilna province, Russian Empire (now Grodno region ).


He received his primary art education at the Vilna Drawing School . While studying in Vilna, they met Chaim Sutin and Mikhail Kikoin, which grew into a long-term friendship.


Illegally crossed the border and through Germany moved to France. Arriving in Paris, he settled in "Hive" ("La Ruche"), the famous house-commune.


He exhibited three sculptural works in the salon of the Independents, but from the next year he began to engage almost exclusively in painting. Throughout his work, Kremen painted landscapes, portraits, still lifes and nudes in a dynamic manner, stylistically close to expressionism .


Famous Parisian art dealers became interested in the artist's works and began to buy them: Leopold Zborowski, Paul Guillaume, and others.


The Paris gallery of Jacques Povolotsky ("J. Povoltzky") hosted the first solo exhibition of works by Pinkhus Kremen, which showed Mediterranean landscapes and a series of nudes, written by the artist in 1918 during his stay in the town of Sere in the south of France (department of the Eastern Pyrenees).


from 1921 - Autumn Salon;

from 1924 - the Tuileries Salon;

1920 - exhibition in the gallery "Devambez";

1921 - exhibition in the gallery "Hundred from Parnassus";

1924 - exhibition at the gallery "La Licorne";

1923 - Exhibitions of Russian artists in the Parisian galleries "La Licorne";

1931 - exhibition at the gallery "d'Alignan", "L'Époque";

1932 - exhibition in the gallery "La Renaissance", "Zak";

1928 - exhibition "Modern French Art", in Moscow;

1932 - exhibition in the gallery "Druet";

1936 - exhibition in the gallery "Gerbo";

1933 - exhibition in the creative workshop of the artist;

1945 - "Exhibition of contemporary Russian painters and sculptors";

1946 - exhibition "In honor of the Victory", organized by the Union of Soviet Patriots, exhibition in the gallery "Creuze";

1951 - exhibition in the gallery "Art vivant"

1955 - exhibition in the gallery "Mouradian-Vallotton";

1957 - exhibition "Russian émigré artists in Paris", exhibition in the gallery "Redfern";

1960, 1969 - exhibition in the gallery "Durand-Ruel", exhibition "Russian Artists of the Paris School";

1962 - exhibition in the gallery "J. Chalom";

1970 - exhibition "Artists of Montparnasse";

1972 - exhibition "Significant paintings by Russian artists in French collections";

1974 - exhibition in the gallery "Seine 38", exhibition "Russian look";

and others.


Signed his first contract with art dealer Paul Guillaume.


Contract with the Parisian gallery "Van Leer", where in 1927, 1929 and 1931 three solo exhibitions of the artist took place.


He hid from the Nazis in the house of a villager in the small town of Turin in the department of Corrèze, where he worked in the field and on the farm along with the peasants. One of the Toulouse galleries supplied Kremen with paints so that he could sometimes write.


He often visited and lived in Israel for a long time.

April 5, 1981

He died in Seret and was buried in the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris.

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