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Launching INDEX and ZBOR resources
Today, May 18, 2015, the research platform KALEKTAR officially presents two of its new special projects: the encyclopedia of contemporary Belarusian art INDEX and a collection of essays on artistic statements in Belarusian contemporary art ZBOR.INDEX is a dynamic encyclopedia of contemporary Belarusian art based on the research platform.The encyclopedia is designed as the main tool for organizing and constructing an archive of contemporary Belarusian art, bringing together all the individual projects of the KALEKTAR platform thanks to a specially designed system of pop-up windows/hyperlinks. The data system is filled in according to the principle of an Internet encyclopedia in…
Launch of the KALEKTAR portal
Today, March 30, 2015, the Internet portal is launched.Photograph by Sergei Shabohin, 2015 / © – reproductions of works by Belarusian artists Vasily Vasilyev, Alexei Velikzhanin, Yegor Galuzo, Zhanna Grak, Andrei Dureiko, Alexander Korablev, Artur Klinov, Alexander Komarov, Alexei Lunev, Ales Pushkin, Lyudmila Rusova, Olga Sazykina, Tamara Sokolova, Anna Shkolnikova is a journalistic resource of the research platform of contemporary Belarusian art.The portal will bring together various initiatives that are already working and ready for implementation within the framework of the KALEKTAR platform. Independent projects of the platform have their own editorial teams and goals and will be represented…