Ronne Stiftung

Main financial partner. Fund founded in Berlin in 2020. We became the first project of the fund. As part of our cooperation, this site was developed, prepared and many activities. The main joint exhibition projects were and . The Foundation is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and Civil Society Cooperation.

Gray Mandorla Studio

Studio where our office is temporarily located. In we also hold our exhibitions and various events.


Alternative free space in Poznań, with which we jointly organize , events and exhibitions, the main of which аnd .


The Public of Belarusian Art is a new initiative, of which our platform has become a part.

Ambassador of Culture

Initiative maintains and develops ties within and outside the Belarusian cultural community. Based in Berlin and Vilnius. Since 2022 has been our partner.

InshyJA (The Others)

An independent organization that promotes the development of an inclusive and tolerant society in which everyone feels like themselves and is not discriminated against. Our partner since 2023.


Cultural club created аnd in Poznan. Our partner since 2023.

Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў

A platform for the presentation of contemporary art. worked in Minsk from 2009 to 2020 and was our main partner in Belarus. Together we prepared a number of joint events, the main of which was a major exhibition project .

Gallery Arsenal in Bialystok

Museum of Contemporary Art in Bialystok. Thanks to the support of this institution a project was developed and created an exhibition .


Almanac of contemporary Belarusian culture . Our like-minded people from Belarus.

Belarusian avant-garde

Virtual museum of events works and authors of the 1980–2000s in Belarusian art, created by . The project worked until 2018. Today the archive has been fully transferred to our platform.

New Europe

Magazine was our media partner until 2019. Special thanks for the support .


An interactive brand studio that developed and maintained our previous version of the site (2014–2020).