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6th Line

1992 – 1998
"Sixth line" or "6th line". Building BSPA, st. Yakub Kolas, 14, 3rd floor

Selected events

Associated Documents

Articles on KALEKTAR

The most important gallery of the 1990s in Belarus. She worked on the top floor of one of the BSPA buildings (today: BNTU).

Gallery "Sixth Line" was created in Minsk in 1992 on the initiative of the artists Viktor Petrov, Igor Kashkurevich and Alexei Zhdanov, becoming a kind of structural unit of the company "Beltechnologiya and M", which specialized in mechanical engineering. "Sixth Line" is a new non-profit gallery located in the ninth building of the Belarusian State Polytechnic Institute (now the Belarusian National Technical University) on Yakub Kolas Street and named (at the suggestion of the artist Alexei Zhdanov) thanks to one of the Minsk toponyms - 2nd Street Sixth Line, partially preserved on the map of today's Minsk. Before World War II, this street ended near the building of the Sixth Line Gallery.

In documentary sources - posters, invitations, press releases from different years - you can find several options for the name of the exhibition space: the gallery of contemporary art "Sixth Line" (since 1992), the center of modern art (three exhibitions in 1994), the independent center of avant-garde art (1995 ), Gallery "Sixth Line". – © Ekaterina Kenigsberg "Establishment of contemporary art curation in Belarus in the 1990s on the example of projects of the Sixth Line Gallery", Art and Culture. - 2020. - No. 4 (40). – S. 20–280.

The gallery for the first time openly exhibited works by artists of the Belarusian underground: Lyudmila Rusova, Igor Kashkurevich, Viktor Petrov, Olga Sazykina, young representatives of the Minsk school of creative photography Igor Savchenko, Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich.

Directors of the gallery at different times were Ales Taranovich, Igor Ermakov, Alyona Doroshevich, Irina Bigday.

Olga Kopenkina and Nadezhda Korotkina started their curatorial practice.


Full list of exhibitions and events held in the gallery:


Exhibition of Belarusian avant-garde artists: Natalia Rachkovskaya, Igor Ermakov, Todar Kopsha, Ales Taranovich (Ales Erotich), Anatol Rzheussky, Alexander Rodin, Valentin Nudnov, Alexander Zabavchik and others.

September 1993

Republican Exhibition of Unofficial Art: Alexey Zhdanov, Artur Klinov, Andrey Plesanov, Igor Ermakov, Todar Kopsha, Ales Taranovich and others.

October 1993

Personal exhibition of Ales Taranovich.

November–December 1993

Personal exhibition of Viktor Petrov "PPX".

December 1993

Collective exhibition of Belarusian artists "Landscape as the perception of space".

January–February 1994

Action of permanent creativity "ZEBAR": Igor Kashkurevich, Lyudmila Rusova, Ales Taranovich, Igor Ermakov, Todar Kopsha, Olga Sazykina, Igor Savchenko, Viktor Petrov, Igor Tishin, Natalia Zaloznaya, Valentin Nudnov, Vitold Levchenya, Yegor Galuzo, Vladimir Fedorov, Ekaterina Kalashnikova, Alena Kharlamova, Alexander Kirel, Eduard Martinez-Sokolovsky. Curator: Olga Kopenkina.

March 1994

Personal exhibition of Alexander Rodin "The World on Square Kilometers".

April 1994

Personal exhibition of Igor Ermakov "I am light and darkness".

May 1994

Personal exhibition of Leonid Shchemelev.

June 1994

Personal exhibition of Valery Pesin "Trees in the rain".

April 1995

Exhibition of German artists Ulrike Lang and Rainer Guy. Curator: Igor Kashkurevich.

May 1995

Action "Labris": Vladimir Zlenko, Andrey Loginov, Gennady Katyubka, Dmitry Zuykov, Leonid Vasilevsky, Vitaly Khrushchinsky, Robert Volchok, Valery Savulchik.

June 1995

Memorial exhibition of Alexei Zhdanov. Curator: Igor Kashkurevich.

July–August 1995

Exhibition of American photographer Steve Yates. Curator: Igor Kashkurevich.

September 1995

Timofey Izotov's project "Coronation of a Golem".

October 1995

Sequenda project: Vladimir Parfyonok, Konstantin Selikhanov, Igor Zasimovich. Curator: N. Korotkina.

November 1995

Exhibition of the Goethe Institute "Photography from Minsk": Vladimir Shakhlevich, Galina Moskaleva, Sergei Kozhemyakin, Igor Savchenko.

November–December 1995

Personal exhibition of Ludmila Rusova "Project T".

December 1995

Exhibition of the Goethe Institute "German photography 1950-80".

January 1996

Personal exhibition of Yuri Doroshkevich "Versions of the Grail".

February 1996

Action AXIS: V. Zlenko, A. Shappo, A. Novikov.

February–March 1996

Personal exhibition of Gennady Gurvich "From model to mandala". Curator: Larisa Finkelstein (Brahma Gallery).

April 1996

Exhibition "Romantic landscape" P. and A. Sharipo.

April–May 1996

Photo exhibition by Vladimir Blinov "After Chernobyl".

May-June 1996

Svetlana Zyabkina's project "The mind gave us steel arms-wings."

June 1996

Action "Description of the life of Andrey Vorobyov".

July 1996

Exhibition of the private collection of Alexander Ivanov "Irrelevant".

September 1996

Exhibition of the collection of CJSC "Beltechnology and M" for the 3rd anniversary of the gallery "Sixth Line".

October 1996

Timofey Izotov's project "New banknotes or Belarusian realism". Curator: Olga Kopyonkina.

November 1996

Artur Klinov's project "Death of a Pioneer-3".

December 1996

Igor Savchenko's project "Beyond the Banality". Curator: Nadezhda Korotkina.

December 1996

Personal exhibition of Andrey Azarov EXHIBITION.

January 1997

Personal exhibition of Eduard Lapotko "Fantasy and Reality". Curator: Ales Taranovich.

February 1997

Exhibition of Viktor Petrov and Todor Kopsha.

March–April 1997

Todessshaft: Andrey Dureiko, Anton Slyunchenko, Maxim Tyminko, Alexey Terekhov, Vitold Levchenya, Yegor Galuzo, Vladimir Fedorov.

April–May 1997

Performance Week: Maxim Tyminko, Lyudmila Rusova, Oleg Ladisov, Irina Zelenkova, Ilya Svirin. Curators: Irina Bigdai and Olga Kopenkina.

May 1997

Personal exhibition of Sergei Balenok from the private collection of Alexander Ivanov.

May–June 1997

Collective international project "Traditions and experiments". Curators: Eulalia Domanovskaya and Olga Kopenkina.

November 1997

Inna Kayuta's project "The Path of Cres". Curator: Olga Kopenkina.

December 1997

The action of Lyudmila Rusova "After".

January 1998

Exhibition of the Polish Institute: Grazyna Gurska "The Flow of Time".

February 1998

Project by V. Trofimov GRAFFITI. Curators: Denis Romanovsky and Olga Poznyak.

February-March 1998

Liza Miroshnikova "Graphics. Exhibition for the 5th Anniversary. Curator: Yulia Miroshnikova.

February-March 1998

Exhibition of the Swedish photographer Torbjorn Laago "Underground". Curator: Valery Lobko.

March 1998

Anton, Alexander and Pavel Shappo: exhibition "Sh-3".

April 1998

Exhibition of the Polish Institute: Dyzma Kozakiewicz "Journey with the Demon".

May 1998

Olga Varennikova's project "TV is not for everyone".

June 1998

The action of Zmitser Vishnev "Underground graphimuses".

July 1998

Exhibition of the Polish Institute: teachers of the Warsaw Academy of Arts "Five from the Academy". V. Luchay, P. Novak, R. Lugovskiy, etc. Curator: Eulalia Domanovskaya.