Purity/Czystość. Residence of Antonina Slobodchikova in Wroclaw

The Museum of Modern Art in Wroclaw, in cooperation with the KALEKTAR platform, provided the artist Antonina Slobodchikova with AiR Wro residence. As part of the residency, the artist will present her personal project "Purity/Czystość".

June 27 – July 18, 2016

The installation "Purity/Czystość" demonstrates the process of transformation of observed objects and their change in time. White foods, carefully arranged on even whiter dishes, are completely sterile and fresh, as if they were on display for the first time. Gradually, however, they begin to change. Initially, each of the products seems to be exceptional, differing from the rest in texture and form. Ultimately, the decomposition process turns each of them into a homogeneous mass, destroying the products.

The work is a continuation of the artist's research into issues related to death, time and memory, which are consistently considered in her practice. Using white as a symbol of purity and impeccability, she marks the beginning of a process that subsequently unfolds on its own. The installation develops over time, the change in the skin of the products registers the transformation. The term "purity" is not fully indicated by the artist, who left the possibility of personal interpretation to the viewer.

When does something stop being immaculately clean?
Can there be true purity?
Life transforms and changes. Life forces people to experience.
How has life programmed you?

Curator: Magdalena Skowrońska

The project is carried out within the framework of the AIR WRO art residency program in cooperation with the research platform of Belarusian contemporary art .

AIR WRO is implemented as part of the Wroclaw - European Capital of Culture 2016 program and is funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture.