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ZBOR project in Wroclaw

The ZBOR project is presented at the group exhibition "All of Poland. Expedition to the Sources of Art" at the Bureau of Art Exhibitions of the Wrocław Gallery of Modern Art Wrocław Główny.

The concept of the exhibition refers to the period of "curatorial pilgrimages" since the 1980s, undertaken by researchers and art curators during the institutional boycott. Just as at that time, so today, their goal is to recognize important new phenomena and trends in contemporary Polish art that have not been falsified by institutional or ideological mediation. The exhibition was created at the intersection of research and requests made by the curatorial team of BWA Wrocław, as a combination of a road documentary and artifacts obtained during the research.

The project was included in this exposition, since the platform is registered in Poland, at the moment it is a volunteer project and brings together an entire expert community, bypassing state institutions (which impressed the exhibition curator).

The project is presented as an information wall, where each of the 40 selected works is presented in the form of a reproduction, a signature and a QR code referring to a detailed description of each work on the English version of the resource. The information wall was prepared by based on the archives of the KALEKTAR platform and the ZBOR project.

The exhibition runs from December 13, 2019 to February 2, 2020. More about the exhibition.


  • Sergey Shabohin
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